Where is the summit going to be held?
The summit is going to be held at the Beardall Senior Center.

How can I register?
Registration can be completed here on the website, by mail-in form, and in person the day of the event.

Is there a fee to attend the summit?
The summit is absolutely free of charge.

Who can attend the summit?
Anyone of any age is welcome to attend the summit.

Do I have to come with my parents?
You do not have to come with your parents, but we hope you will also invite them to attend this morning of learning, understanding, and accepting.

Can I print registration forms at home?

Will there be food?
Yes, light breakfast and lunch

Which sessions can I attend?
You may attend any combination of workshops in each respective session. However, please be courteous to our presenters and try to plan ahead; that way you avoid moving from room to room while workshops are in session .

What types of take-away items will be made available?
We will have a giveaway bag provided at the time of check-in.